This program is designed for women who want to learn the basics of defending themselves against attacker/s.  The purpose is for you live another day and seek help, we show you how to make that possible.  This course is available for both groups and individuals deciding to back the power of choice in their life.


7 Day Jump Start Program: 1 hour per day

Private                     1 on 1               Fitness Training
Semi Private          (4) ppl.               Fitness Training
Group                     (10-15) ppl.        Fitness Training



Intensive Personal Training Program (1) Person.
3 days 8 hours/day 24 hrs. Total  

This offer is for the Executive Business Professional, the individual who is traveling out of state or country and wants added security knowing that it is not an option to be a helpless victim, the parent who wants to give there loved one a gift before leaving to college, the individual who does not have the luxury of one hour a day for several weeks.  This program is fun but intense.  

(an optional Hostage Prevention Course is also offered for an additional day)


Please call if you have specific program needs.